Our fleet is optimally tailored to the special requirements of the goods we convey – predominantly textiles. Every vehicle has all-round air suspension, to assure optimum, damage-free haulage of our customers’ products even under the adverse road conditions often encountered in Eastern Europe.

We also consistently put our faith in swap-body containers, since these permit not only reduced out-of-traffic times, but also assure significantly greater flexibility for loading and unloading operations.

Alongside these technical features, transport data naturally also nowadays plays a vital role in the planning of production schedules in our highly networked economic world.
In this context, we rely not only on all-inclusive data logistics, but also on round-the-clock GPS monitoring and control of vehicle movements.
We operate not only large long-haul vehicles, but also our own express fleet.
Express trips can be booked to and from all destinations if, now and again, the normal journey times are just not short enough for you. You decide what you need, and we will take care of assured, on-time completion.
Our company-operated workshop and roadside service vehicle, combined with the low average age of our vehicles, assure high fleet availability and thus our dependability. On the routes we serve, this is the essence of safe and reliable transportation in every direction and in all respects.