Route planning nowadays means more than just assigning goods to vehicles and hoping that everything goes according to plan.

Our wealth of experience has enabled us in the course of decades of work to create a flexible dispatching and planning system in the various production regions. Experienced agents based at the locations and our native-speaker employees at the dispatching points keep us in constant contact with the production facilities.

In many cases, we know the actual schedule situation better than your own production control team. And this information is therefore used for up-to-date shipment and delivery planning.

We are assisted here by an Internet-based planning software package which provides both the home office in Vreden and our local agents with the necessary overview and opportunities for intervention at all times.

We automatically inform you in real time on the actual status of your shipment. We can also, on request, provide daily information on “in transit” shipments and the expected delivery times and dates.

Our Customer Information System also enables you to track the precise location of the vehicle, complete with full listings of the packages it is carrying.

We would be pleased to provide you with detailed information on our capabilities and to thus assure not only fast and reliable transportation but also trouble-free further material/product routing within your internal materials management system.