As a modern, medium-sized logistics organisation we are highly aware of our duty to the environment. Our aim is always not to even allow any environmental pollution to occur, and to keep it to the absolute minimum if it is unavoidable. In practice, this means:

Bimodal transport
We have used bimodal transport for many years now. This is a special form of goods traffic, in which our swap-body containers are carried across longer distances by rail or by inland waterway. Road vehicles are used only for the shortest distance possible, to bring the container body to the railhead or quayside, or to pick the containers up and take them to the final destination.
Scientific calculations demonstrate that every road shipment that is transferred to rail saves 57 grams of the greenhouse gas CO2 per tonne per kilometre compared to shipment entirely by road.

Vehicle fleet
Our modern fleet is equipped with low-noise, low-pollution engines. All of our goods vehicles meet not less than the strict requirements of the EURO 5 standard. In addition, we also take care to assure the most ecologically aware driving patterns and the use of environmentally optimised routes.

Our own photovoltaics installation enables us to make an active contribution to environmental protection. This system, with an output of more than 500 kWP, was commissioned in 2010.
Here, too, we again avoid generating environmentally harmful CO2 gases which cause the so-called greenhouse effect and contribute to climate warming.