Verwohlt history

TThe company was founded by Heinrich Verwohlt senior in Vreden in 1928. The “fleet” initially consisted of one vehicle, which was used primarily for local deliveries.
Trade was also conducted in coal, in addition to haulage activities, between 1954 and 1960, but was then discontinued.

From 1965, we began to concentrate on the conveyance of consolidated cargoes and furniture within Germany.

Since 1973, the company has been managed by Heinz Verwohlt, the second generation of the family to lead the company. From this date onward, the company increasingly focused on international consolidated textiles shipments. From 1980 onward, international textiles shipments to and from Greece, Bulgaria and Albania have featured, against the background of restructuring in the German textiles industry, as it increasingly relocated to production locations outside Germany.
To assure even better service for our customers, we now place the central emphasis of our business activities on textiles shipments. The political transition in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc, followed as it was by the opening of these countries’ markets, resulted in an abrupt increase in goods traffic with the states of Eastern Europe.

We, as a market-orientated enterprise, therefore extended our services in 1991 to include Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine.

The inauguration of our new company building in October 1998, expansion in 2010, and high-volume investments in a modern, environmentally friendly vehicle fleet will enable us to remain a dependable partner for our customers into the future.
The appointment of Henning Verwohlt as managing director in 2010 assures the continuation of family management into the third generation.